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Hogwarts In the Snow | Warner Brothers Studio Tour | Our Day

I have been meaning to post this for such a long time but have been in a bit of a funk with blogging, but I am now back and sharing my wonderful experience at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London, also known as the Harry Potter Studios.
Back in November I got the chance to go to the studios for a late birthday treat from my Mum and Dad, they said that they would pay for tickets to go so I decided to book for The Hogwarts in the Snow experience. I booked for the 2:30 tour which meant that we didn't have to leave to early to get there. 
We left home at about 10am giving us plenty of time to get there including extra just in case, we arrived with an hour to spare but got into queue straight away, in which we went though security and entered the lobby. 
When entering the lobby we were greeted by a magnificent Christmas tree, cast photos and some of the larger props used in the film series. All through the tour there is the familiar sound of the Harry Potter soundtrack playing, givin…

Toddler Outfit | Red Nose Day Mufti

Hello Spring and hello Comic Relief, this year was the turn of the red noses to make an appearance  and to make us all look very silly. Lilly was allowed to go to nursery in mufti for a small donation as long as the outfit contained something red. This was a struggle for us but I went through her clothes for the next size up and found a super cute jumper.
The jumper is from George (Asda) and features Tatty Teddy, her leggings are simple navy blue ones with small white hearts which are from H&M, The sun t-shirt was from Nutmeg (Morrisons) in the summer months, her bow is from Amazon which are a real bargain. Lastly her Sniffer the dog red nose was from Sainsbury's.

I am so glad that schools still take place in raising money for comic relief, what did your little ones do? And what did everyone think of Red Nose Day Actually? 

Quirky Lilly #1

I want to remember the quirky little girl that is growing and changing so quickly so am starting this series for that reason. She has such an amazing, caring personality and really does make my world a lot more adventurous and fun. She makes me laugh, gives the most amazing hugs, has such an incredible imagination and is so strong willed. I truely am blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. 
- Playing with mine or her own ears when tired -

- Saying Breakfuff instead of Breakfast -

- Saying mo lawn instead of lawn mower -

- Falling asleep in random places like against the bathroom and bedroom door frames stood up and once outside the living room door, and the kitchen -

Mummy Outfit

I have not done an outfit post in a very long time but felt quite comfortable in what I was wearing for once, It was also such a nice day and there was no need for a coat which made me super happy. 
Being a Mum I want to be comfy and able to bend with ease but still look nice so I went for this flattering shirt from H&M, its a loose fitting navy blue shirt with polka dots. I fell in love with this instantly and I really do love it. I then went for my usual blue skinny jeans from New Look. I just think that skinny's are the best for keeping the outfit a little less formal. 
The boots were from BHS which has no closed but I do love the way they look, feel and have been my most worn shoes since I got them. To complete the outfit I wore a chunky beaded necklace which my gorgeous girl got me foe Mother's day last year. I really think this necklace completes the look so nicely and I love that it is something my girl picked for me all by herself.

Pancake day with Recipe

It's pancake day and it may be a little late to share the recipe but its for me as well as for others haha. This year has been a complete success from the pancake aspect of life, if there is such a thing, but I have actually managed to make homemade batter and flip two pancakes all on pancake day, win for me. 
To go with this success I wanted to share the recipe that I used today and the method for making them too. I still can't fully believe that it has taken me so long just to make my own instead of buying those silly bottles.

150g of  Plain flour 2 medium eggs 300ml of milk Oil (for cooking)
1. Sieve the plain flour into a bowl and make a well in the centre. 2. Crack both eggs into the well and slowly whisk, drawing the flour from the edges in. 3. Slowly mix in the milk and whisk until smooth 4. Let the batter rest for 10-15 mins 5. Brush a non-stick frying pan with oil and heat 6. Add a small amount of batter, cook for 1-2 minutes flipping half way through

It …

Me and Mine • February 2017

February has been a really hard month for our family with my Mum being very poorly in hospital but en these two people with me in the above picture have really been my rocks. Liam has been my shoulder to cry on, my ear to listen and his cuddles and support have been just truely what I have needed. Lilly makes me incredibly happy with her smiles and giggles and her hugs are just the best to cheer up a hard situation.
With hospital visits, half term and now the chaos of going back after a week we haven't really managed to do a lot but we have had a few family days in with films, puzzles and baking too, trying to keep the normality at home for Lilly.
Viki has been loving - Cuddles with my family. - The sun poking it head out a few days this month. - Further back in time for dinner, such a random programme but I loved it. - The book, Always with love by Giovanna Fletcher.
Lilly has been loving - Disney Pixar cars, she has watched it at least 30 times this month alone. - Lemon and Lim…

Gooey Flapjacks • Recipe and Method

A little simple family recipe for you again, this is for the very tasty and gooey flapjacks. I got a bag of rolled oats from a friend but don't really like using these oats for porridge so found the next best thing. 
These are a great little treat to munch on and to create with you little one, Lilly loves to mix the oats in for me. 
125g of Butter 100g of Brown Sugar 4 tbsp of Golden Syrup 275g Rolled Oats

1. Preheat your oven to 180oC/Gas Mark 4
2. Melt the Butter, Sugar and Golden Syrup together over a bain-marie (bowl over boiling pan of water).
3. Mix in oats and stir until all oats are completely covered.
4. Pour the oat mixture into an ovenproof tin lined with baking paper.
5. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes, until golden brown.
6. Cut to required size and leave to cool before removing from the tin.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, if you make I'd love to know, below is a little video that I did last time I made these bad boys.