Sunday, 19 February 2017

Gooey Flapjacks • Recipe and Method

A little simple family recipe for you again, this is for the very tasty and gooey flapjacks. I got a bag of rolled oats from a friend but don't really like using these oats for porridge so found the next best thing. 

These are a great little treat to munch on and to create with you little one, Lilly loves to mix the oats in for me. 


125g of Butter
100g of Brown Sugar
4 tbsp of Golden Syrup
275g Rolled Oats


1. Preheat your oven to 180oC/Gas Mark 4
2. Melt the Butter, Sugar and Golden Syrup together over a bain-marie (bowl over boiling pan of water).
3. Mix in oats and stir until all oats are completely covered.
4. Pour the oat mixture into an ovenproof tin lined with baking paper.
5. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes, until golden brown.
6. Cut to required size and leave to cool before removing from the tin.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, if you make I'd love to know, below is a little video that I did last time I made these bad boys.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Hogwarts In the Snow | Warner Brothers Studio Tour | Our Day

I have been meaning to post this for such a long time but have been in a bit of a funk with blogging, but I am now back and sharing my wonderful experience at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London, also known as the Harry Potter Studios.

Back in November I got the chance to go to the studios for a late birthday treat from my Mum and Dad, they said that they would pay for tickets to go so I decided to book for The Hogwarts in the Snow experience. I booked for the 2:30 tour which meant that we didn't have to leave to early to get there. 

We left home at about 10am giving us plenty of time to get there including extra just in case, we arrived with an hour to spare but got into queue straight away, in which we went though security and entered the lobby. 

When entering the lobby we were greeted by a magnificent Christmas tree, cast photos and some of the larger props used in the film series. All through the tour there is the familiar sound of the Harry Potter soundtrack playing, giving it such an amazing atmosphere around the tour.  

You then join a second queue to get into the first part of the tour which is a cinema with the three main characters explaining about the tour and giving a little bit of information too. You then enter the great hall and I will tell you now, it is truly breath taking, I am a big Harry Potter fan and it really did feel magical walking through the haul with the huge doors and the tables laid for Christmas.

This is the full size set with costumes and props about for you too see, the set has actual stone on the floor so that it would not wear out during filming. The hall was also set for Christmas with 6 large Christmas trees, a huge wreath and Christmas food set on the tables. You do get a set amount of time in the hall but it is plenty of time to see everything that you need too.

You then enter a part of the tour which is more of a museum part, there are props, sets and costumes everywhere. Some of the sets wee also set for Christmas. 

During the tour children are given a passport to collect stamps throughout the tour, we weren't given one at the start but a member of staff found one for Lilly and explained what we had to do.

In some of the sets there was special effects making things move and voices of the characters playing to make you feel more involved in the experience. Every way that you look there is something different to see. Also in the section they have an opportunity for you to use a broomstick using green screen which you could get a photo or video from but I had a limited amount of money so passed it up this time.

You can also take part in wand choreography and getting a broomstick to rise for you, both of these I had to give a go. The wand choreography is a video sequence taught by the man who taught the cast to use there wands right. I chose Hermione's wand and completed three spells.

This part is huge and with so much to take in, there are seating areas and toilets at the end of the area. 

The next part, I will admit got me a little bit emotional, was Platform 9 3/4 with the Hogwarts Express, it was so surreal walking in to what looked so much like a station. There was a photo opportunity with a trolley going through the wall, the train and a little shop which was based more on souvenirs based around the train and station. 

Me and Lil's walked through the train, each seating area on the train was set with a film in mind, including props to represent the film. After my Mother in law got me and Lil's to go onto another green screen section. This was the Hogwarts express, we sat in our own seating area with a camera rolling and we were given directions on what to react to, they were adding things to the green screen. Lilly jumped so much when a Dementor came up at the window, my MIL got a couple of pictures which also included a digital download of the pictures.

You then enter a part called the Backlot. This is a canteen/cafe area which you can purchase meals and also the infamous Butterbeer. We all just chose Butterbeer which you can get in a souvenir tankard, this cost £6.95 and tasted so good.

The next section is a small outside section containing Private Drive, The Knight bus, The Potter's cottage and the Hogwarts bridge. They also had a Ford Anglia and Hagrids bike and sidecar for photo chances.

The next section goes more into detail about special effects and make up which was so interesting. They had models of some of the characters, prosthetic's, and some of the animatronics from the film series. There is a huge Aragog which I believe may be getting moved to the Forbidden Forrest for it's opening in March. 

After we walked into Diagon alley with all the shops lining a cobbled lane. All the shops are dressed with props and costumes, it is truely another magical set to be able to walk through. jut as you enter there is Gringotts bank and to the left there was a machine that showed us how they created Harry's footprints in the third film when he was meant to be covered by the invisibility cloak. There was also a hidden death eater (if you know where he is let me know).

After you get to see detailed drawing and cardboard creations of the set from the film series, all done to scale, they made one for pretty much every set from the film series including Dumbledore's office, the Ministry box from the Quidditch world cup and the whomping willow.

The most magical and emotional part was next, even my other half (you could take or leave Harry Potter) was in shock at how magical it was. This is a huge, and I mean huge model of Hogwarts which they used to pan in and out during some scenes. This was dressed with fake snow and even a little snowman. Pictures and words cannot described how big this model is and how magical it is to walk around the Hogwarts. They were playing the soundtrack a little louder in here which made it all the more special, I really did feel so overwhelmed by it. 

When you get to the bottom there was a little kiosk showing us how they created different types of fake snow and even got Lil's involved, she loved being about to hold some small grains of something which when you add water it grows into a snow like product.

The last part of the tour is a large room full of wand boxes, each with a name on of either a cast member or crew member who helped create this magical world of Harry Potter, I actually didn't realise is was the end.

The gift shop is huge and you could spend way too much. There is so much merchandise, from clothing to wands to sweets and so many amazing items. If you want to know what I got here is my blog post Gift shop haul.

Monday, 9 January 2017

New years resolution

I cannot believe that we are actually in 2017 already, how has this happened? Well it's now the new year and I have set myself some New years resolutions, lets hope I can stick with them this time.

1. Try not to worry as much, 

This is so important for me as I stress so much and cause myself more stress by worrying about things that are out of my control or worrying about things that haven't even happened yet.

2. Lose some weight / look after myself

I have let myself go a little and I am seriously not happy with the way I look, I am going to try and eat cleaner, cut down on treats and exercise a little. I also want to take better care of my skin, teeth and everything else in general.

3. Read as many books as possible

I am sadly quite a slow reader but I am determined to read more this year, I love finding stories that I can fully emerge myself in and enter a world that is so different to the one I am in.

4. Make memories

This is one I make and usually managed to fulfil, I love making memories with my little girl and sadly she will be off to school in September this year so I want to make the most memories possible before then. 

5. Be myself

I need to embrace who I am more, because at the end of the day I am the only one that can do that. I feel a bit like I have lost my identity but that is something I want to do this year, find it again.

Have you made any resolutions this year? If so I'd love to know.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Boxing Day Haul | Zoella Beauty and Lush

I have never really been bothered about the sales but I got some money for Christmas and wanted to spend it on something I liked but as frugally as possible so I took advantage of the boxing day sales while I could. I shopped online as it's just easier and I can see what deals I was getting.

The first place I visiting was Superdrug as I remember getting a Zoella Beauty set last year after Christmas for a lot cheaper. I was so happy that I managed to find the things that I got for such a good price.

I picked a pack of Just Crackers crackers which I had got my eye on from when she showed them in her video. these are four card crackers which you twist to open and find a travel size version of Zoella's gingerbread range, which smells amazing. these were down to £3.99.

The second thing that I picked up was a pack of her bath fizzers, these are again in the gingerbread scent and are in such a cute shape of a gingerbread man which you can snap in two. You get three in a pack and I paid £2.99

I could not end the boxing day sales without visiting the Lush website, but what a shambles that was. I entered a queue and 9am which was moving fine, so I left it to it. but 10am it was paused but it was for everyone so I got on with my day just checking back to see any progress, which there was none. It came to about 4pm and it hadn't moved so I went on my laptop and it worked fine...but hey.

Anyway, when I finally got onto the site there was quite a bit left. I picked up 2x Northern Light bath bombs, 2x Luxury Lush Pud bath bombs, 2x Butterbear bath bombs and 2x Shoot for the Stars bath bomb. Sadly all the bubble bars had gone but I was happy with what I managed to get. I spent about £18 with delivery too.

Did you managed to get any bargains in the sale?

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Me and Mine | December 2016

Viki has been loving
- All out decorations, it makes our house so cosy
- Reading, I am currently reading the Christmasaurus
- Anything Harry Potter, since going to the studios back in Noember it's brought back my love for it.

Lilly has been loving
- Making Christmas treats with mummy
- Cbeebies Nutcracker, she has watched it so many times now I swear she knows all the words
- The Advent games on the Cbeebies website, she loves doing this every year.

Liam has been loving
- Our homemade mince pies, he has been gobbling them down
- Farming simulator still....he is seriously addicted
- Hogging the bed haha, I swear we need a bigger bed.

My blog went a little messed up for a while but I believe I have sorted it out and will be posting these on the date they were meant to appear on my blog. Happy New Year.

The Me and Mine Project

Friday, 30 December 2016

Mummy + Me | December 2016

Another month over, and another year over. It has been the most crazy and stressful year so far but we have made it though to the end. 

December was lovely, my favourite month, just because of Christmas really. Lilly was so understanding of it all this year and was sure that Santa had forgotten her, bless her heart, but that did mean a very late night on Christmas Eve for us. 

The rest of the month went by in a flash really, we had family to visit, Christmas fayres to go to, presents to wrap, food to buy and it just didn't see like I was very organised at all. And sadly this month, my car decided that it was going to give up all together and blow a head gasket :( so it's sadly off to the scrap yard. 

The picture this month is one of my complete favourite photos of us together, it is taken from during Vlogmas when Daddy got his old Auorora AFX out, this is a kind of scalextric which Lilly found highly amusing and I managed to catch a picture of a purely amazing giggle.

I hope that 2016 has done better for you than it has for us and I hope you had a most wonderful Christmas time.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

My Year in Pictures

I can't believe we are at the end of another year but I certainly am looking towards a fresh new page in 2017. We have not had the best year and we have also lost some amazingly talented celebrities too. But I want to share a few pictures that have made my year the best it could be.


Our little of snow that we had at the beginning of the year....It literally lasted half a day but we enjoyed it while it lasted


I completed my first (and only in the end) of my new years resolutions and passed my driving test. This was my second attempt and only got 5 minors.


March came Easter and Liam's 25th birthday, it was a pretty uneventful time but we did make some amazing nest cakes.


This month was the month that I finally had use of a car and wanted to us it. We took a few drives out and had some lovely days together.


We finally got some lovely weather and we took the chance to have a family BBQ for Lil's great Granddad's, we even got the paddling pool out. We also took our first trip away to the BHP show at Lydden Hill Race Track.


June brought the clouds back but that didn't stop us from enjoying some days out, the main one was Armed Forces Day, this year the event was organised by my Dad so it was brilliant to support him.


This was the last term for Lil's first year at nursery, it was quite eventful with a BBQ and the charity toddle waddle that Lilly participated in. she was a jelly fish which was I was quite proud of creating.


August was the busiest month with the local carnival, which my Dad took part in as a hippy and then we ended up going camping twice, at Rural past times and Festival of transport


The month where I turned 25 and Lilly, my baby girl turned 4! It is absolutely mad. We took a tip to Port Lympne Animal Reserve for her birthday. She also started a new year a nursery and I applied for her school place too.


The month when Lilly got her glasses, she looks so grown up. We also had a lovely family Halloween with sweets and Halloween Simpsons.


This was the month that I had been most excited about since August, my Mum told me she was going to get tickets for the Harry Potter studios and I chose to going during the Hogwarts in the Snow period. 


The last month of the year, the craziest and most stressful of the year which ends in an amazing week of family, food and festive cheer.

Happy New Year, I hope that 2017 brings the best to you!