Mummy Outfit | Family Party

This weekend just gone we were invited to a wedding reception, this was important for me to go to as family seems more important than ever. It was also quite nice to get dressed up and sort myself out for once.
The outfit is quite simple but I absolutely love the dress. My dress is from Select, I got it about 2 years ago and have barely worn it, so was nice to get it out and freshen is up a little. I paired the dress with an F&F (Tesco) grey blazer jacket and some deep black tights, also from F&F. I didn't want to go too formal so I think this was perfect for a family party, it was so comfy for the night and made me feel pretty nice.

We had a fantastic night and my Lilly pops told me that I looked pretty, that certainly made my day.

Mummy + Me | April 2017

This months Mummy and Me post is a little different because is it about me and my Mummy, There is a reason to this and if you follow me on my social media's then you will know that my Mum passed away a couple of weeks back, so this month is going to be a little bit about this amazing women.
This is my Mum, she was and will always be my best friend. She was a true inspiration to me and to may others, she was born without a hip bone, had asthma, diabetes, and a hernia, she had been in a wheelchair for all of my life and a couldn't be more proud of this women.
My Mum and my Dad gave me a wonderful childhood, have created many memories for me and made dreams come true. They took me on a mini flight for my 15th birthday, had family holidays every year and even brought tickets for the Harry Potter studios last year for me. 
When my Mum was young she was told that she wouldn't walk, work or have children, but my Mum, being the stubborn women she was managed all three in her life…

Chocolate Chip Cookies | Recipe

These are the best chocolate chip cookies that we have made to date and they are so simple to make. This recipe makes the soft, chewy style cookies, perfect for cookies and milk.
250g Plain Flour 150g Soft Brown Sugar 50g Granulated sugar 170g of Butter 1 Large Egg (room temp) 2 tsp Vanilla Essence 2 tsp Corn Flour 1 tsp Baking Soda 1/2 tsp Salt 225g Chocolate (choc chips or broken bars)
1. Cream your Butter until smooth and creamy (we use a kitchen aid). 2. Add the Brown Sugar and Granulated Sugar to the bowl and mix well. 3. Mix in the Egg and Vanilla Essence, remembering to scrap down the sides too. 4. In a separate bowl mix the Flour, Corn Flour, Baking Soda, and Salt 5. Slowly combine both mixtures together until smooth. 6. Add in your chocolate and mix well until all covered. 7. Cover with Cling film and cool in the fridge for 1 HOUR 8. Preheat your oven to 180oc/Gas mark 4  9. Cover your baking tray with grease proof paper 10. Spoon mixture into small balls and pla…

Healing Eczema with Aveeno

From the age of about 6 months Lilly has suffered with a mild form of eczema, this usually occurs on the back of her arms, he hands (occasionally) and the back of her legs. I wanted to share the two products that have put and absence to the eczema for a while now. 
We have been prescribed these for Lilly, but you can buy them in the shops.
Aveeno Body Wash
This product is actually quite new to us, we used to use the bath oil but were given this instead this time and I am so glad. This is quite a large bottle and you need very little to get a good lather out of it. The scent of the product is very subtle but is quite pleasant. 
This product is soap, alcohol and paraben free which certainly puts my mind at rest, but the main reason I love this is that it contains naturally active oat essence which is known as a barrier for skin. 
Aveeno Cream 
The Aeeno cream has much the same scent as the body wash and again you need not use a lot as it goes far. I use this all over after every bath…

My 10 Reasons to be Happy

I have been tagged by Jen at to write 10 reasons to be happy down, I for one could not wait to get writing as I love to write positiveness in a world so negative. I tag anyone who would like to take part.

1. My daughter - Lilly truly is my world, she makes me happy every day with her smile and has a beautiful personality coming out. I also had a lovely review from school that she is doing well and is a little brain box. She makes me so proud.

2. My nieces - These three girls are just amazing, they have been through so much and have been so strong, I really miss them as they live so far away but I am always thinking of them and love them very much.

3. Reading - My escape, I read every night, pretty much without fail and I just love to escape into a different world and forget about my problems even if it is just for 10 minutes. I try and keep my of the stories I read on the happier side as my mind does get a little to involved in the story.

4. Nice weathe…

Daisy Chains | My Sunday Photo

We have actually had a couple of lovely days that we have spent over in Nanny's garden, Lil's was busy picking daisies so I decided to create a daisy chain for her. She was made up with it. It brought back so many memories too as I used to spend ages making these when I was a little girl.

Mummy + Me | March 2017

How are we at the end of March already? It has been another pretty hard month, sadly my Mum is still in hospital and it just seems to be going on for so long now.
The better things this month thought was Mother's Day and Liam's Birthday too. We had a pretty busy day as they both fell on the same day. I travelled to the hospital to see Mum while he went to spend some time with his family. We spent a lovely evening together with a couple of drinks and a few snuggles
Lilly seems to have grown and changed so much this month which is making me incredibly broody and wanting to expand our family. Her speech is amazing and she is starting to get a cute little sense of humour, I still can't quite believe she is now 4 1/2 already.