Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Making fossils • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #31

Today we spent a couple of VERY warm hours on Hastings pier, enjoying the sunshine and having a catch up with my Mum and Dad. 

We started off with lunch at the chippy on there, we had chips and curry sauce again, the curry sauce is amazing and you get so many chips too.

Afterwards Lil's had her first ride on a merry go round, I had to go on as weel as she was tok small, not that I am conplaining. It was lovely to hear and see the elation on her face.

Afterwards we needed to find some shade as the sun was incredibly hot, we found that inside there was some family crafts activities to do. We ended up making a fossil out of a coffee dough. I didn't copy the recipe down but have found the same sort of thing online

- 1 cup of used coffee grounds
- 1/2 cup of cold coffee
- 1/2 cup of salt
- 1 cup of flour
- waxed paper.

You mix all the dry ingredients together to make a dough, slowly add the cold coffee so not to make it too runny. Once the dough is complete place on the waxed paper in balls. 

To make the fossil you can use shells, toy dinosaur skeletons or draw things into the dough. Once complete just leave to dry.

We also ended up having a drink, I had a fresh mango smoothie whilst Lil's had a fruit shoot ice lolly to cool her down. Whilst heading back we stopped to watch some canoeing when a plane came over with a proposal message, it was very romantic.

We have had a lovely day but I am glad the sun is setting so it can call down a bit.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

New brakes and Nanny's teddy • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #30

This is quite a short post but another day anither fix for my car, again its a cheap on but important, the brakes. 

My morning started off with yet another trip to Euro car parts to pick the brakes up and then get the housework done before waking my other half.

We headed over to Nanny's where we have a handstand drive to work on cars if need be and I helped by being the tool runner, Lil's was playing with Nanny and buddy which was super cute. 

Once the brakes were done we took a trip to get some gas for the weekend as we may be going camping again. It was so hot in the car but Liam had to help as they were to heavy for his Mum to carry.

He is the right odd job bloke.

We got back, had some lunch and a drink to cool down, Lilly ended up cuddling Nanny's teddy which is as old as her. We played in the garden a bit and soaked up the sun.

All in all a busy and hot day.


Currently Reading #2 • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I am back again with a currently reading, and yes its another Harry Potter book. I never actually finished reading the Philosopher's stone but I just couldn't resist starting the new book. 

I started reading this book on the 5th of August and am already pretty much half way though. Considering how much of a slow reader I am thats good for me.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a follow on story from the Harry Potter series, it is set 19 years later with Harry Potters child Albus is the main character. The book is written in script form with staging ideas too.

So far it is a brilliant book, a real page turner, the only issue is is that it makes me want to go a see the show in London.


Monday, 22 August 2016

Lego friends and birthday ideas • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #29

We have had a poorly Daddy today so Lil's has been finding every way to cheer him up those afternoon.

Going back to this morning though, I decided that instead of hiding away in the front room trying not to wake Daddy we would take a well needed trip to our local town, I had a couple of chores to do and it would kill a bit of time.

Firstly I tried to get some paperwork sorted but sadly couldn't, so a little bit of a wasted wait there but the rest if the time was well used. I picked up a glass milk bottle from poundstretcher for a stocking filled (I know its early) and also managed to get one of Lil's birthday presents without her seeing what it was.

When we got home Daddy had just got out of bed and looks a little healthier so we all had some lunch and have had a really chilled afternoon.

He asked if I could run down the road for something and I got loads of other little jobs done at the same time, like a pharmacy run and a charity shop run. 

When we got back Lil's asked if she could play with her Lego Friends, we said yes and got it out for her. Lilly ended up sittinf in the front room playing with it for a good hour and a half only asking for help if she needed it.

Once she was done with the Lego she asked to do some drawing, she put her Lego away and I got her pends and paper out. Her drawings are amazing, proper people with body's, arms and legs and even a sunshine in the sky, we couldn't be more proud of her.


Sunday, 21 August 2016

Trying new food • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #28

Today Lilly tried some new food which I am super proud of. For a while no she has started to get picky with her food and I kind of let her which is obviously not the best thing to do. 

On the first day of camping we had meat pie as a family and after a few persuations Lilly ate about 4 bits of beef steak from inside the pie along with the pastry too. 

Since then I have told myself that I need to help her try new things. She had a jacket spud with cheese the other day which she ate with out and fuss. So I told hed about sweet and sour chicken.

When shopping the other day I picked up a jar of sweet and sour sauce and some chicken and got some fresh rice today from Aldi. At lunch I told her what she was having and she didn't sound too happy. 

Dinner time came and I started cooking fhe chicken and rice, I also set up the big table so we could eat together and she could see that I liked the food and was eating it too. Once the chicken was cooked I added the sauce and then once heated dished out plates up.

I never put to much of a new thing on her plate as I don't want to put her off before she has tried. She asked if I could mix her rice and chicken together and she started to tuck in.

She seemed a bit unsure at first but soon started to gobble it down. She ended up having 8 pieces of the chicken and about 3/4 of the rice I put on her plate. 

I am super proud of her and ended up giving her two stickers for her dinner chart, 1 for eating her dinner nicely and the other for trying new things.


*Chicken supplied through Tesco Orchards*

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Magic painting and mini hairdressers • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #27

We haven't ventured far from home today, only to the village for some shopping, but we have had a nice day in and I seem to have got a lot done.

We  had to take an early trip to the village as our electricity ran out :( but we got a few other bits whilst down there to cover us for the rest of the day and Lil's got a 'Magic' spoon in her cereal so she was well chuffed.

After we got back I started on the housework with the washing up, putting a wash on and folding, Lil's always puts her owm clothes away which is a huge help and earns her a sticker towards a prize.

After lunch I started to edit my weekly vlog and Lil's came and joined me. We ended up dpingso magic painting with water, she got this with her peppa pig magazine the other day and at first could not understand why I said no to getting th paint out, she soon got the idea of just using water.

Whilst letting thay dry we did some colouring and practised writing her name, she gets a little confused sometimes and tries to write it in a different order.

Lil's then went to play on her room for a bit. She has been throwing a few tantrums lately and also crying when I say NO which is so unlike her so we have had a couple of time outs leading up to dinner.

After dinner she wanted to get into her PJ's and then proceeded in tidying her room, which was unexpected. Once all tidy she decided that she wanted to play hairdressers with me and Daddy, this is one of her favourite things to dk before bed.

Lil's usually finds a toy that she pretends is detangling spray and then brushes our hair for a little bit. 

I got my phone out to get a natural looking oic but she noticed I was aiming the camera at them both and proceeded in posing for me and telling Daddy to smile, so is defiantly a cheeky one.


Friday, 19 August 2016

Car fixed & Free fruit • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #24 - #25

Yesterday was a fail with my project but we really didn't do a lot and Lil's out of for a while with Nanny as we had a meeting and by the time Lil's got home it was her dinner time. 

Today on the other hand was just a very slow paced day. Liam actually gave me a lie in, ths first in just over 2 years, I felt amazing and I think Liam enjoyed getting up with Lil's even though he'll never admit it.

I woke up at 9am and he made me a coffee too, I felt like a princess haha. Not long after Liam left to go and fix my car, me and Lil's spent the morning catching up on some recordings and so cuddle time.

After lunch we went to go and pick up my car which feels very odd now but its fixed which is amazing. Me and Lil's headed off to Tesco where I picked upa couple of birthday presents for her without her seeing. When we entered Tesco there was a box at the front saying that we could pick a free piece of fruit for children. I took Lilly over and she picked an apple which kept her happy the whole way around the store.

Once home we came home to Liam being a busy bee and sorting a few bits out...bless him. Hopefully we have a more adventurous week next week.